Michelle Galdenzi

Michelle specializes in advance injections like on & off label injecting with both toxins and fillers, the temples, tear-trofts and the Nefertiti lift. To lower the chances of her patients bruising and swelling, Michelle also offers the “Cannula Technique” which is the safest way to inject dermal fillers currently. She is also certified and trained to perform all of the highly popular Vampire procedures. Her attention to subtle details stem from her passion to perfect and can be seen in every aspect of her work.

Michelle’s Qualifications

Medical Esthetician


Michelle is one of the top 1% Bellafill injector in the nation!

More about Michelle

Former Miss Teen Texas, Michelle Galdenzi, has years of Experience working in the beauty industry. At the Age of 20, she won a talent-based scholarship to study acting at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Shortly after her first year she started professionally modeling and acting in New York and Los Angels. Michelle has worked for clients like Sketchers, Monarch Clothing, and Fendi. She has also been featured in the movie “Date Night” starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey. Professionally working in the beauty industry has given Michelle the edge that sets her apart from other highly skilled and licensed Medical Estheticians.

“Positively changing the way my patients view themselves is what I love most about my career. This industry is all about customization, and I pride myself in individualizing treatment plans that not only meet but exceed my patient’s expectation.”

~ Michelle Galdenzi-Eidelson



Michelle Galdenzi is one of the TOP 1% Bellafill Fillers Injectors in the nation