Excessive body hair in unwanted places is something many people worry about. New technology has found a solution for this using laser technology. Since its discovery, laser hair removal has become one of the mostly used aesthetic procedures around the world. People who are tired of painful plucking, daily shaving and spending money on waxes and hair removal creams, can now benefit from this procedure. Alma laser technology is able to;

  • Treat a wide range of people and different hair types
  • Treat and remove hair quickly and efficiently
  • Provide the best possible clinical results

Alma laser technique is the winner of all hair removal laser techniques. It uses high-frequency short pulses delivered deep into the dermis which will generate heat using the power from the lasers. The heat generated will remove the hair from its follicle at the dermal level while heat treating the follicle and hair re-growth. After several treatments, the hair growth will be subsided. Unlike in waxing, shaving, and plucking, which are temporary in removing hair, Alma laser hair removal is permanent and will treat the skin for the lifetime.

This method of hair removal is pain-free and need no downtime. There is nothing to worry about any skin damages, scarring or allergies – Alma lasers avoid any of these side effects. After several treatments, you do not have to bother about hair anymore!  A single session of treatment takes only a few minutes and therefore, you do not need to waste time. Guided by our aesthetician, all procedures will be conducted at our Z Med Spa with better care. If you are also interested in getting rid of that unwanted hair that bothers you, call us today, and we will book an appointment with our expert.