Acne services


Acne is a very common condition among young women and men, and now, it has become a very common finding among mid-aged individuals. These small skin lesions reduce the beauty of the skin while affecting an individual’s psychology. Leaving hyperpigmented areas, discolored patches, and deep scars, acne can become some individual’s worst nightmare. Most of the time, day-to-day face creams, cleansers and scrubs won’t work and what you need at this time is help from an expert. In aesthetic medicine, there are many methods of treating acne using different types of medical grade facials. They do heal not only acne but also eliminate the complications that came along.
At Z Med Spa, we provide special acne treatment services. During the consultation services, the skin will be tested in order to recognize the type of acne and the sensitivity of the skin. Depending on the severity and the type of acne lesions you have, the treatment will be altered to achieve maximum benefits. The number of facials needed to be done and the strength of the medical products used will solely depend on the lesions you have.
Sometimes, facial treatments for acne will be carried out under the directions of a dermatologist. Many people have gained positive results from these treatments at Z Med Spa. We also offer special facials to treat post acne scars and patches and to keep the pores of the skin closed, so that they won’t get affected once again.
Our expert aesthetician will acknowledge you on dos and don’ts that are obligate during the treatment process. With clear instructions and effective techniques, we perform special facials to get the best outcome that you are looking for. Book a consultation with us today, to start your facials at Z Med Spa.