Vein treatment

Laser technology is used in many clinical procedures in aesthetic medicine. While it is used for hair removal and skin lifting, it can also be used to treat spider veins that appear on your skin. Do you know what spider veins are? They are those red to maroon color lines that are visible on your skin and are a manifestation of underlying dilated blood vessels. With the help of laser technology, we also treat varicose veins that appear on your legs. With several treatments and laser procedures, these blood vessels can be treated so that they will not be visible on the skin.

The laser beams that fall on the skin travel through different layers of the skin and fall onto the blood vessels making scar tissues within them. These scar tissues close the veins and stop the blood supply of the vessels letting them die. Treating varicose veins and spider veins using lasers are painless and are non-invasive. Unlike surgical treatment for these veins, laser removal of spider veins does not need a recovery time and use of any anesthetics.

Over many years these treatments have been in use with highly successful results, and we assure you that our Z Med Spa is the best place to get your laser treatments done. With well-experienced hands and expertise in aesthetic medicine, our aesthetician will provide the best possible care so that you will have the guarantee of maximum benefits. Z Med Spa is not only focused on its expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. But, we also care about the client satisfaction and maximizing the benefits. If you would like to experience one of the world’s best skin care treatments, do not hesitate to contact us and book an appointment.