Alma Opus

Z Med Clinics and Spas partner with Alma company for its New cutting edge technology Alma opus

The First Fractional PlasmaTM Technology

The demand for micro-ablative resurfacing (fractional resurfacing) procedures reached an explosive growth over the past decade (+421%) along with full-field ablative resurfacing (+116%)1. In comparison, popular gateway procedures like intense pulsed light (IPL) saw moderate growth (+34%) and microdermabrasion experienced a decline (-25%)1 confirming that the demand for less treatments but faster results with minimal downtime is on the rise

Proprietary Fractional Plasma Technology

OpusTM featuring Opus PlasmaTM makes history as the first fractional plasma technology to enter the skin resurfacing category to address superficial to complex textural and skin quality concerns most commonly corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers or full-field ablative resurfacing lasers.

As the only technology to operate at a high frequency of over 40 MHz, the metal pins on the Opus Plasma are super-charged with high-RF voltage. When in close proximity of the skin, the RF-energy discharge reacts to atmospheric pressure in the air, creating plasma. The profile of the micro-thermal zones produced by the plasma can be controlled based on the desired ablation effect further expanding the treatment versatility of the technology – a light, moderate or aggressive resurfacing procedure can be achieved to reach the desired clinical result.

Ablative Results. Non-ablative Downtime.

In a randomized, split-face study of 33 patients (ST III - IV), fractional plasma yielded equivalent results, 50 percent less downtime and higher safety profile when compared to a popular fractional CO2 laser. 12 patients reported postinflammatory hyperpigmentation following the fractional CO2 laser while fractional plasma reported none.2

Artistic Work on a Large Scale

As the name suggests, the wide range of treatment options with Opus Plasma extends beyond it’s treatment setting controls. Opus Plasma includes an assortment of tip options. Complete a full-face procedure in under 15 minutes with the Glide tip or target hard-to-reach areas with the Focus tips.